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Welcome to Toraja

After a wondrous journey that moves you from the ocean through interchanging sights of sunning karst cliff, lofty mountains you will arrive in magnificent upper-land known as Toraja.


In this land, well-preserved ancestral traditions such as new house ceremonies and funeral ceremonies are practiced as part of daily life just as in ancient time. 

This belief are reflected in marvelous wooden carving on each 'Tongkonan' houses and the beautiful hand-woven fabrics. Toraja coffee is also worldly known for its amazing aroma and strong taste that very unique for coffee lovers.


For adventurous hike up to Sesean mountain through the layers of rice field  or cycling around the village and if you still want to do more Mai'ting river is the best river for rafting in all island.

Let the land embrace you and allow the air to sing you a melody of serenity, welcome to Toraja.

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About Toraja misiliana Hotel

In the year 1981, the late Mr. Benyamin Tangkesalu occasionally received random guests seeking for accommodation. As a Air Force veteran with sincere passion  to share Toraja culture he always opened his door for tourists and missionaries without asking any fee.
After sometime one of the largest travel agent in Indonesia asked him if he could hosted their yearly group and in return Mr. Benyamin will benefit financially from this arrivals.


At first he was reluctant to receive the offer as his main attention was to accommodate and welcome anyone traveling to Toraja without hoping anything in return. However after consulting with his family he decided to accept the offer as he visioned that many Torajan will have decent work, as tour guides, drivers and the whole economy will improve because there will be more tourist coming.

Then in 1973, Mr. Benyamin with 8 other staffs that mostly his family member  including his wife and children opened Toraja Misiliana Hotel for business with 4 guests rooms on a small piece of land. The name MISILIANA was derived from his 5 of children name's. To show that the most important thing is family. During the beginning the team beat all the odds to not only survive but thrive.

There were no housekeeping department because everyone is responsible to clean room once guests are out. There were no kitchen department as once rooms cleaned everyone must help in the kitchen. During the night the same team will welcome guests, served in the restaurant and stand by as security. Despite no previous formal training in the hotel industry and all actions are simply based out of passion and love, numerous guests continued to flowing in.

Because Toraja tourism was booming, guests often arrived without confirm booking and hoping for a luck. The over supply guests were never a disadvantage because each individual still received the best service by the team and while waited it gave the opportunity for guest to mingle with other guests. And thru this process many of guests  actually found their love and got married. Up until now there are more than 11 couples have found their true love in Toraja Misiliana Hotel, sometimes it's between guest and guest or tour guide with other tour guide or guests and staff.

The hotel in general also continue to expand with now operating more than 100 rooms, employing more than 150 staff and through out the years have won countless national and international awards where it all started with a simple act of love.

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